Vishranti Nilaya

Vishranti Nilaya – Sulge, Belgaum. Karnataka.

Vishranti Nilaya is a large camping center near Belgaum which is being utilized by different groups of Christians and Churches and is housed in a very picturesque and beautiful location. In the committee meeting held in Vishranti Nilaya, Sulge on 29th August 2018 which was also attended by the General Secretary, major decisions were taken and the administration and the overall charge of Vishranti Nilaya was transferred to an young spiritual person by name Bro. AnandHukeri. It has also been decided to do major repair and maintenance work of the buildings and 26 acres of the camp site property is expected to receive a major facelift which will surely bring adequate stewardship to the property for the glory of God.

  • 400ft compound wall has been constructed.
  • Renovation of Hall including painting and electrical fitting has been done.
  • 10 Bathrooms and 10 additional toilets has been constructed.
  • Renovation of 2 Rooms above hall and above dining hall will be done on priority.

All the mutation entries and RTI job has been completed. Mr. Anand Hukkeri as Secretary and Deepak Kale as Manager serving of the campsite.

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