Noel Memorial Schools

Noel Memorial Schools (NM Schools), Kerala

Noel Memorial schools are named after the missionary EH Noel, who founded the first school in Kumbanad in 1935. There are 18 government-aided schools, spread over five districts in Kerala. 2 of these are high schools, 4 are upper primary schools, and the remaining 12 are lower primary schools. Around 100 staff members (teaching plus support staff) are currently employed in these schools. NM Schools owned by SAI has a full time honorary Corporate Manager, two salaried part time staff (one Educational Consultant and one office staff).

Some of the projects undertaken in these schools during 2018-2019 are summarized as below.

New school buildings

  1. NM LP School, Sabarimankal – The project for the construction of a new building to accommodate an Office and class rooms.
  2. NM High School Kariamplave – The project for construction/completion of a building to accommodate five class rooms is almost complete and will be in use during the next academic year. These five class rooms are to be converted to modern smart class rooms as specified by the Government/Educational Dept.

New Football Grounds

  1. NM High School, Kariamplave – The basic work was completed in 2019 and the ground is in use.
  2. NM High School, Kumbanad – Thee work was completed sometime back and it is now a functioning school.

New Basket Ball court

  1. NM High School, Kumbanad –The work has been completed and the school is now functional.

New Smart Class Rooms, New Toilets

  1. NM High School, Kumbanad – Dust free class rooms with tiled floors, false sealing and proper windows and doors were completed work this year and the computers and associated accessories will be supplied by Government/ Education Dept.

Rain water management project to recharge the wells

  1. NM High School, Kumbanad – the work is completed this year

Major Repairs/maintenance of old buildings

  1. NM LP School, Mylapra – work completed this year
  2. NM UP School, Kalanjoor – work completed this year

Repairs/maintenance of old buildings and other minor projetcs

Various schools – low budget projects

SAI Kerala Division have made various and sponsors for school projects and have succeeded in getting some limited support.

Noel Heritage Home (previously known as Noel Guest House)

The old bungalow where E.H. Noel and other missionaries stayed is located in the Steward Compound in Kumbanad. Necessary maintenance works on the bungalow were done by SAI.  It has now been renamed as Noel Heritage Home

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