Bethany Mercy Home

Bethany Mercy Home, Tatanagar, Jharkhand

Bethany Mercy Home at Tatanagar, started as a residential institution on 5th May 2017, taking into consideration the sheer need of a Girls Orphanage in North India. Altogether 52 girls of various ages are housed and schooled in this Girls’ Home which have brought a life-changing experience in the lives of these children. These children were on the verge of being trafficked to dangerous places by unscrupulous  elements after they were send  back from Orphanages like Rehoboth Girls’ Home in Trichur, DayaVihar in Tiruvalla and Uslampetti in Tamilnadu. However, God has used His servant for the restitution of these young lives for the glory of God.

As these children knew only the South Indian languages of Malayalam or Tamil, getting admissions in good Schools was a big challenge. However, by the abounding grace of God, all of them got admissions in well-reputed English Medium Schools and Colleges in the town. In 2019, five girls were accepted into a reputed college, where they could major in the field of health sciences. Accommodation in the newly constructed second floor with good amenities were provided on the top of the Assembly Building with dormitories, rooms and washrooms.

Bro. P.M. Skariah with his family and a team of ten members are working for the progress of this great ministry. The Mercy Home provides their daily subsistence, quality education, necessary medical care and other needs. All the challenges and concerns are always shared and SAI with the help of a few Donors are overseeing the Mercy Home Ministries. Many challenges are there in this newly established large ministry and all are requested to pray and get involved in the blessed work of this Girls’ Home.

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