Narsapur Christian Hospital

Narsapur Christian Hospital, Andhra Pradesh

The Narsapur Christian Hospital (NCH) was started in 1915 by Dr. C.E. Pring. Thereafter, Dr. Betty Holt, Miss J.E. Holt and Dr. C.R. Prabhakar continued with the work. Now Dr. L.K. Thomas is the Director of the Institution. Hundreds of patients, especially in the maternity department, are being attended daily. Mr.V. Sambob is the general superintendent of the hospital.

Dept of Gynae& Obstetrics:

This is to major work of this hospital and Lord is providing timely help in need.  The following doctors are working:

  1. Dr. K. Sharitha Devi, MBBS.,L.M. DGO., 
  2. Dr. S. Harika, M.D.,
  3. Dr. Leela Serene, MBBS.,
  4. Dr. Ch. Meena, MBBS.,
  5. Dr. Jai Mercy James, MBBS.,

Checking the number of C-Sections and to reduce them, Gynae. OP on Monday & Thursday, Maternity OP on Tuesday & Friday, Operation days Wednesday and Saturdays ofcourse according to emergencies schedule will be changed.

Department of Surgery & Medicine:

Dr. Samuel Paul, M.S., (ENT) joined 4th September 2017 following the departure of Dr. Philip Mitta.  We covet your prayers to improve that section, as frequent changing of doctors.  We need General Surgeon & Physician in the unit and please pray for Lord’s help. 

Visiting Anaesthetists:

  1. Dr. Ravi Kanth, M.D.,  
  2. Dr. Sriram, M.D.,

Pediatric Unit:

Dr. M. Srinivas, MBBS, DCh., is visiting Pediatrician in Neonatal Unit.

Statistics 2021
Total Outpatient attendance 15,492
Total Inpatient attendance 1,411
Surgical Operations 582
Laboratory tests 63,346
Ultrasound Scans 283

School of Nursing:

Sis Celia Sumantha is principal of School of Nursing. At present they have 6 Sister Tutors, 37 Students and 6 Graduated Nurses.

Nursing Superintendent:

We are happy that Sis. P. Jhanci is continuing and is a great help.  She is efficient in her work, we have 30 Staff Nurses in this hospital.

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