Narsapur Christian Hospital

Narsapur Christian Hospital, Andhra Pradesh

The Narsapur Christian Hospital (NCH) was started in 1915 by Dr. C.E. Pring. Thereafter, Dr. Betty Holt, Miss J.E. Holt and Dr. C.R. Prabhakar continued with the work. Now Dr. L.K. Thomas is the Director of the Institution. Hundreds of patients, especially in the maternity department, are being attended daily. Mr. V. Sambob is the general superintendent of the hospital.

Maternity & Gynae.Unit: Is still the main work of the hospital. Most of the complicated deliveries are done here.

Neonatal Unit: Babies are treated and kept under the supervision of Paediatrician. High-risk pregnancy cases are given special care.

Gynae: Several uterine, and ovarian Complications are treated and Hysterectomy is done whenever necessary.

General Medical Cases: are also taken care of Heart problems and kidney complications are treated and sent to higher centers.

School of Nursing: Every year 20 students are taken from the GNM course. The director of the School of Nursing and Sister Tutors takes care of them. A hostel is also maintained for them. Students from other states like West  Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, and Andhra Pradesh come to us. It is affiliated with CMAI Vellore. The nursing Superintendent looks after maintaining the nursing side along with nurses ward aids and ward boys. Hospital premises are kept clean by the cleaners.

Outpatient Dept.: Patients from the Narsapur area and also other parts come here for treatment, most of them are women.

Infertility: Many cases of infertility visit and some are blessed with children by God’s Grace. Poor patients are given free treatment.

Laboratory: By God’s Grace we could renovate the Laboratory with the help of CMM donation. All modern equipment are installed, and tests are being done with more accuracy, with the help of efficient Lab technicians.

Pharmacy: We have efficient pharmacists who are managing the unit. Some medicines are made here and dispensed.

Free Medical Camps: Two Medical camps were conducted in suburban villages.

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