Edwards English School & Bible Training Centers

Edwards English School & Bible Training Centers, Jamtara, Jharkhand

Edwards English School (EES)

The Edwards English School (EES) Jamtara, a Christian Mission school established by Late Mr. George Kurien and Late Mr. A.D. Shenoy, in 1995, with a vision to serve the people of Jamtara and provide Basic Foundation in Education and promote English education to the children of the area. The school is one of the leading educational institutions in Jamtara, Jharkhand, equipping its 1500+ students for future careers and training them to be useful citizens of India. The school follows the ICSE curriculum and provides healthy training grounds infused with Christian values, for the future lives of its students. Mr. Anthony L. Reis is the Principal and Mrs. Joan Reis is the Co-ordinator. Mr. Santhosh Thomas serves as its Joint Secretary.  For more information, visit the school website: https://www.edwardschool.co.in/about-us

Sisters Bible Training Centre (SBTC)

SBTC was started with the aim of providing vocational training courses for young women, in addition to training them in the Word of God. Courses such as Computer Training and Tailoring empower these young women to be self-supportive in the places where they are lead to serve the Lord. Thus far, 5 batches of young women have graduated from SBTC, with the 6th batch currently in progress.

Bengal Bible Training Institute (BBTI)

BBTI is an assembly-based Bible training centre that was started in the year 1986, with a vision to equip young men to serve the Lord Jesus. Being a faith-based ministry, training is provided free of cost to native students, who after graduation, begin serving the Lord in various parts of India. Surrounded by hundreds of Santhal tribal villages, the BBTI campus in Jamtara, Jharkhand, is actively involved in planting new assemblies, children’s ministry, Emmaus correspondence courses in various languages and Gospel outreach work in the state of Jharkhand and in other neighbouring states. Till date, thousands of new believers have been trained by BBTI and sent out to serve the Lord, with around 260 students currently undergoing training.

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