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Garden Hills Public School, Mankulam

Garden Hills Public School, Mankulam, Idukki District, Kerala

The Garden Hills Public School is the result of the vision of Dr Kunjappan John and Dr Vimala John, the couple behind the formation of the school. A property admeasuring 2.2 acres situated in the picturesque Mankulam, close to Munnar in Kerala’s Idukki District was purchased and registered in the name of Stewards Association in India. The construction work of the three-storied school building started in January 2017 and completed by June 2017. The school commenced its first academic year in June 2017. 

Aim: Providing quality education to tribal children and those belonging to the lower socio-economic status, so as to enable them to work towards building a better life.

The school also benefits children from affluent families, who would have otherwise had to travel over 70 km to get a good education elsewhere.  The school charges a reasonable fee from parents who can afford to pay for their wards; however, no fee is collected from the tribal children.

Curricular Activities: The school offers classes from Lower KG up to Grade 6, with an average of 28 students per class.  From its first year, the school has seen a steady growth in the number of students, with a current strength of 184 students, 12 teaching staff and 4 non-teaching staff.

Other Activities: Besides providing regular education, the school also has a free mid-day meal programme, art and dance classes, school tours and field trips, cultural and Sports Day programmes, gardening, and many more extra-curricular activities.

Health Care measures such as polio vaccines and de-worming medicines are given to the children every year, in accordance with the government’s Health and Resources Department’s directive.  The school has organized hygiene classes and post-flood, anti-leprosy classes and medical camps.

Social Commitment: When Mankulam was ravaged by the floods in the year 2018, the school premises were converted into a refugee camp for the flood-hit families, and free food was provided to all who took refuge on the campus.

Transportation: The school recently acquired a new bus for the purpose of transporting children, especially the tribal children.

Proposed plans for the school include expansion of the school playground and parking area, building an auditorium and three more classrooms plus staff rooms, rest rooms, a library, laboratory, and the acquisition of another minibus for transportation.

Mr Arun K. Paul, Mr Koshy K. Paul and their team are directly involved in the day-to-day functioning of GHPS, Mankulam.

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