Narsapur Christian Hospital

Narsapur Christian Hospital was started in 1915 by Dr C.E. Pring. Dr Betty Holt, Miss J.E.Holt, and Dr C.R. Prabhakar continued the work. Now Dr. L. Kalyani Thomas is the Director of the Institution. Hundreds of patients especially maternity cases are being blessed. This hospital is well managed and has Departments for Gynae & Obstetrics, Surgery & Medicine, a Pediatric unit and Nursing School. The hospital is a great blessing to the people even though it has limited facilities and resources.

Bethesda Leprosy Hospital, Narsapur

Bethesda Leprosy Hospital was started in 1923 by Mr John Boyd. Dr.C.E.Pring, Dr.E.S.Short, Dr.G.B.R.Walkey, K. Satyanarayana carried on this wonderful work. Presently Mr. V. Paul Raju is the C.E.O. of the hospital. The ministry here is unique as it caters to the holistic needs of leprosy patients. I had an occasion to visit the patients of the hospital along with Bro. Paul Raju and I praise God for the blessed service the patients receive from the dedicated Doctors and Nurses. All the patients were thankful to God for the best treatment and love they receive in this hospital. The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh recognized the good work being done by the Hospital.

Mission High School, Narsapur.

Anthony Norris Groves, Father of Faith Missions challenged youth in U.K about the need of the Gospel in Godavari Districts. Consequently two young men with their wives came to India, Godavari districts in the year 1836. They were William Bowden and George Beer. This Mission High School was started by them as a small school. Now it is the biggest High School in Narsapur. More than 1000 students are studying in this school. Mr S.B. Bhaskar Rao is serving as the Correspondent and Mrs V. Mary is serving as the Head Mistress of the School.

Holland Wharf Girls Home, Narsapur.

Holland Wharf Girls’ Hostel was started by Miss Joy Tilsley and served the hostel for 50 years. Hundreds of girls mostly orphans are being blessed. Mrs M. Santhosham is the Superintendent in charge of the hostel who is doing an exemplary service in looking after the girls. When I visited the hostel Sis. Santhosham told me that some of the inmates of this hostel have become professionals and are working as Advocates and IT professionals etc. Presently the hostel is housing 354 girls.

Leeser Wright Eye Care Centre, Ambajipeta.

Women’s Hospital Ambajipeta was started by Dr.I.Leeser. Miss S.Wright was her collegue. An average of 1100 cataract and other surgeries are done here. This hospital is considered as a department of Women’s Hospital and the present situation is that the Women’s Hospital has to meet the financial needs of the Eye Care Centre also. The hospital needs a facelift on all fronts. Mr. C. Ermiah is the present C.E.O

Hebron Hostel, Nidadavole

Hebron Hostel was started by Miss Bowden in Settipeta (Nidadavolu) and Miss Joyce Harding continued the work well for 50 years. Mrs Jenny Grace Prabhakar is the present C.E.O. Hundreds of girls being cared and loved.

The successor Mrs. Jenny Grace Prabhakar to the late Missionary Joyce Harding is doing a good work for the hostel. However, she is advancing in age. The number of poor girls taken care of has multiplied. Presently there are about 282 girls. Despite her physical disability after the car accident, the Lord is blessing her labour in that place.

Women’s Hospital, Ambajipeta

Women’s Hospital Ambajipeta was started by Dr.I.Leeser. Miss S.Wright was her collegue. Hundreds of women patients were blessed. Mr.C. Ermiah is the present C.E.O
Despite the missionary doctor Irene Leeser left the hospital many years ago after serving over 40 years, the hospital is still known to the public in her name .

Montauben Rest Home, Ooty.

Montauben Rest Home is a 150 year old property situated at Ooty, in the foothills of the Nilgiris under the guidance of Bro. Samuel Benjamine. Mr. Tony George has been taking care of the overall affairs. This is an excellent place to plan your next holiday.

Shalom Benevolent Foundation, Kollam, Kerala

Palliative Care ministry is doing well. Dr. Jacob Johns of Kerala is actively involved in this ministry. Since the establishment of the Foundation, quite a large number of patients mainly affected by cancer have been cared for. The commitment & dedication of Dr.Johns in this ministry is beyond words and hence the Lord blesses it.

Vishranti Nilaya – Sulge, Belgaum. Karnataka.

The camping center is being used by Christian organizations and is housed in a beautiful location. The area of the property is quite big and has become somewhat unmanageable. There are some concerns regarding the property which are being attended to. After my visit to the Camping center, many of the problems could be understood and remedial measures are being undertaken.

Sankeshwar Mission Hospital, Sankeswar, Belgaum, Karnataka.

SMH is the oldest hospital in Sankeshwar and perhaps in Hukkeri dt. It was a center for leprosy treatment and rehabilitation and still continues to give treatment to new and old leprosy patients of the area. At present the hospital is concentrating on community-based work but has a daily clinic from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm with two full time doctors. Mr. Kurian Oommen is the General Manager of SMH and SETH – Silverdale Eventide Home – an old age home managed by Sis. Miriam Keyse, a missionary formerly managing the hospital. Mrs. Grace Kurian is the Gen. Superintendent of the old age home. Elderly people are considering this old age home as a home away from home. The Primary Vision is to “Provide a comfortable and spiritual environment for the elderly and share the Love of Lord Jesus Christ with the world around.”

Courtallam Christian Camping Centre.

There are 86 Christian Brethren Assemblies in the South Tamil Nadu area covering four districts of Virudhungar, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari situated in the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula out of which, 36 Assemblies that have been established decades ago by our pioneer missionaries. By the grace of God and through the fellowship of His saints, these dear brethren were able to procure a 61-cent landed property for the purpose of camps and conventions at Courtallam, the spa of South India at the foot of the Western Ghats mountain range. Provision has already been made for the establishment of a Reading Room and Library in the Camping Centre building for the literature ministry. In the project site of 61 cents, the Old Age Home measuring 20’ x 70’ already stands constructed on one end of it. By the grace of God and through the fellowship of His saints, structural and other works of the Auditorium in the first floor of the Camping Centre building measuring 71’ x 121’ (8600 sq.ft.) with a seating capacity to accommodate 1300 persons have since been completed. We are yet to attend to the construction of a Mini Conference Hall, Dining Hall, Dormitory, a few family rooms, and a Library on the ground floor for conducting mini-camps. For the glory of God, a local Assembly is functioning in the Old Age Home premises for the past few years since its construction.

Noel Memorial Schools (NM Schools), Travancore, Kerala

Noel Memorial schools are named after the missionary EH Noel, who founded the first school in Kumbanad in 1935. There are 18 government-aided schools, spread over five districts in Kerala. 2 of these are high schools, 4 are upper primary schools, and the remaining 12 are lower primary schools. Around 100 staff members (teaching plus support staff) are currently employed in these schools. NM Schools are owned by Stewards Association in India, and has a full time honorary Corporate Manager, two salaried part-time staff (one Educational Consultant and one office staff).

High Schools

  1. NMHS Kariamplav
  2. NMHS Kumbanad
    Upper Primary Schools
  3. NMUPS Keekozhoor
  4. Kalanjoor
  5. Edayaranmula
  6. Kangazha
    Lower Primary Schools
  7. NMLPS Mylapra,
  8. Mannamaruthy
  9. Sabarimangal
  10. Pampady
  11. Oottupara
  12. Kanakappalam
  13. Thrikkannamangal
  14. Mannarathara
  15. Pamala
  16. Kaiamplave
  17. Uthimood
  18. Vilangara

Stewards Association in India took the initiative to give a new look to all 18 Noel Memorial Schools by the year 2020-2021, and all our schools have been partially or completely renovated.

AGAPE Mental Health and Research Institute (AMHRI)

The mission of Agape is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery and cure.