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Silverdale Eventide Home

Silverdale Eventide Home (Home for the Aged), Sankeshwar.

The Silverdale Eventide Home is an Old Age Home, started in 1991 with 2 elderly ladies by the vision and prayers of Ms. Miriam Keyse, the Missionary from UK who serves as its Superintendent for more than five decades. The Silverdale Eventide Home (SETH) is an Old Age Home under Sankeshwar Mission Hospital which is located in the earlier Leprosy Hospital Campus about 500 meters away from Sankeshwar Mission Hospital. The campus is approximately 4 acres in area. The Lord has enabled to add 2 new buildings in the campus so as to accommodate 50 people in all. Ms. M. Keyse now at 91 years is still serving as the Superintendent of the Silverdale ministry. Our Lord has enabled Silverdale to care for a total of 180 to 200 people since inception excluding the present 40 people. These 40 inmates hailing from different walks of life and faith residing in the campus. While many of them are able to pay their reasonable monthly maintenance fee, some of them are very poor and are taken care by the personal donation of Ms. Miriam Keyse. There are about 20 staff involved in this Ministry including a Manager, a Nurse, Cooks, Care-givers, field assistants etc. SMH Doctors conduct medical check-up of every Resident once in a week and treat them as per their needs. They have morning devotion on a daily basis and all the believers are taken to the Assembly Hall every Sunday in a mini-bus.

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