Courtallam Christian Camping Centre

Courtallam Christian Camping Centre, Tamil Nadu

The Courtallam Christian Camping Centre is situated at Courtallam, popularly known as the Natural spa of South India. A large Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1300 is being constructed. Being a major tourist attraction at the foot of the Western Ghats mountain range in this southernmost State of India, it is always thronged by people from all over India. The Auditorium is meant to be used by the Christian population belonging to various Christian Institutions, Assemblies and Churches of various denominations for Spiritual Activities. Much funds were required for the completion of this Project including a mini conference hall, dining hall, reading room, library and a few family rooms on the ground floor. The Lord has been faithful hitherto in this blessed project and hence He would enable us to complete the work in His time. An Old Age Home is already constructed by the side of the Camping Centre. Poor and destitute widows could also be provided for, which is also one of the objectives of this Trust. The Courtallam Christian Camping Centre Project which was started some years back and construction of the camping centre with all facilities was going on for years and at present by the Grace of God through the generous contributions from the well-wishers we were able to complete the construction excepting the front elevation and other outer works. We will be having our annual camp in this new building this year also. By God’s grace the Mini Dining Hall, the dormitory building and mini conference hall works have been completed and also the guest rooms for the speakers were also completed. By the initiative of SAI, the pending final works has been completed by the end of year 2019. We encourage all the Assemblies in and around to utilize the facilities for the glory of God.

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