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Elim Camp and Convention Centre

Elim Camp and Convention Centre, Whitefield, Bangalore

ELIM Camping and Convention Centre

ELIM Camping and Convention Centre at Whitefield, Bangalore have facilities for lodging and boarding. This facility is utilized by our Assemblies, other Churches and Christian organizations. However, the buildings and Auditorium structures have become old. The amenities available in the premises were not up to the mark- especially the auditorium could accommodate only 200 plus Pax. Hence, the matter regarding the facelift and restructuring was discussed with the Chase family who had graciously gifted the premises to Stewards Association in India. Thereafter through the funds channelized by Sister Margo Heyburn and the Australian Board, we could remodel the Auditorium beautifully with double that of the existing space. Presently, the Auditorium can accommodate 700 plus Pax. Later on a toilet block consisting of Six Rest Rooms each for Gents and Ladies were also constructed.

Repairs & Maintenance in the Bungalow, Dining Hall, Kitchen and 2 Dormitories having a total capacity of 128 beds were taking place in the last 10 months.

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