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Kollegal Girls’ Home, Karnataka

Kollegal Girls’ Home (KGH)Kollegal, Karnataka

Kollegal Girls’ Home (KGH)Kollegal, Karnataka

In 1885 Ms. Florence Bird had started a medical clinic in Kollegal. Two years later, she had started the Kollegal Girls’ Home with about 100 orphaned girls rescued from the famine affected areas of Gujarat. She served the orphan girls for 65 years and is buried in Kollegal. Thereafter in 1950, Pat McClelland and Anne Vanderlaan served KGH for 43 years. Thereafter Mr. Ron Penny and Mrs. Lilo Penny took charge of KGH from 1994 onwards. The Kollegal Girls’ Home is progressing spiritually and physically and continues to serve the poor and the downtrodden girls hailing from that locality.

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