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Bethesda Leprosy Hospital

Bethesda Leprosy Hospital, Narsapur.

The Bethesda Leprosy Hospital was started in 1923 by Mr. John Boyd, Dr. C.E. Pring, Dr. E.S. Short, Dr. G.B.R. Walkey. Under the able leadership of Mr. K. Satyanarayana a team of dedicated brethren continues this wonderful work. The ministry was truly unique in its character as it caters to the holistic needs of leprosy patients.  We have every reason to praise God for the blessed service the in-patients and out-patients receive from the dedicated Doctors, Nurses and Nursing Aides. All the patients were thankful to God for the best of treatment and love they receive in this hospital. The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has also recognized and appreciated the good work being done by the Hospital. The fervent efforts of the newly joined Dr. Jonathan David Living Stone and encouragement from the management, a new General Ward was set up in March, 2018 housing 6 general and 2 private beds; thus making Bethesda an 88 bedded hospital. BLH have also added a new 12-channel ECG machine to our inventory and it is being used to the fullest.During the last week of July, 5 wheelchairs were donated to our hospital by the Christian Mission Charitable Trust (CMCT) and will be used as and when necessary.

In-Patient and Out-Patient in financial year FY2018-19


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