Operation Hunger

30,000 Families Received food, provisions and essentials.

2,000 Families Assisted with medical, education, housing, and COVID expenses.

24 States Reached with essential aid.

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GS Letter 21-03-2020

During the course of last two weeks, I have been receiving multiple calls from many of our people based in various parts of the country with queries on how we, as a company of God’s children, should respond and act in the wake of this terrible pandemic Corona virus which has overtaken people globally.


GS Letter 31-03-2020

We would like to bring to your kind attention the following sad and horrifying facts about the conditions of some of our jobless poor brethren who are deprived of even one square meal a day due to the present lock down. After discussions we could pay an amount of One Lakh for buying sweet corns which would be enough to feed.


GS Letter 07-04-2020

We would like to thank and update all our dear fellow brethren who have been praying fervently and lending a helping hand towards ‘Operation Hunger’. You are our motivating force and we will not be able to continue this God-initiated project without your sincere support and encouragement.


GS Letter 26-04-2020

Our heartfelt gratitude to all the Assemblies and our dear Brothers and Sisters who have wholeheartedly partnered in this blessed ministry and fulfilled the Lord’s desire to feed the thousands of these hapless brethren who were plunged into grave hunger in this unprecedented lock down period.


GS Letter 20-05-2020

We are happy to report that we were able to supply food / provisions through 151 Distribution Centres to 7050 families directly to their homes after taking the necessary Governmental permissions. Additionally, we are happy to provide state wise statistics regarding the distribution of food / provisions.


GS Letter 01-07-2020

Monthly Food Supplies home-delivered to more than 10,000 Families and Meals distributed to many thousands of people facing acute hunger.’Operation Hunger’ committed to feed the starving till the end of the pandemic. Operation Hunger continues to deliver vital food, provisions, and essential supplies to thousands of families across our country.

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GS Letter 01-09-2020

Seven months after our country’s first coronavirus case and six months following the first nationwide lockdown, lakhs of people remain impoverished, facing hunger, unemployment, and hopelessness.
Operation Hunger continues its unique mission to handdeliver food, provisions, and essential supplies to those who need them most.


GS Letter 01-01-2021

Wishing you all a very blessed and fruitful New Year 2021. As we prayerfully step into this New Year, each one of us has a unique opportunity to partner with the totally rewarding and productive labour which is well pleasing to our Master. As we are called to be a blessing to the people around us, let us continue to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world and bless our fellow beings in all practical ways possible.