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The Stewards Association in India (SAI) was registered in 1954 as a Religious and Charitable Society and has been engaged in the stewardship of Brethren properties entrusted with the Association in the post-independence era either by the Missionaries or from the Stewards Company Ltd., Bath, England. The main functions of the Association, over and above safeguarding its properties, comprising of the Assemblies, different type of Institutions like Hospitals, Schools, Boys & Girls Homes, Old age Homes etc., also included catering to the needs of the Evangelists, the Poor and Needy, Widows, Orphans, Destitute etc.

However, in the recent times when we have introspected our actions with respect to the specific God given mandate we received for effective service to the Assemblies and fellow Brethren in the Country, we realized that we have been following a stereotype model which emphasized primarily on the security of our landed properties in the by-gone years. Maybe on account of this, we couldn’t prioritize the much needed timely assistance and service to the larger segments of our needy Evangelical Workers and our Brothers and Sisters who are placed in a hostile environment in the remote regions of India. This scenario might have emerged due to the absence of a distinct and clear Vision for the Association and thereby we now suspect whether we have fallen short of the God-given mandate and the set goals which were divinely ordained unto us. Therefore, having comprehended this ground reality, the Lord has led us to the realization that the Association should be blessed with a distinct and precise tangible Vision. After much deliberation and prayer, we could finally draft and finalize upon this vitally important document which would govern the future course of the Mission of the Association, characterizing the very purpose and goal of the formation of SAI. Hence our new found Vision and Mission of SAI are as follows:


Equipping and empowering Assemblies and fellow Brethren by professing and practicing faithful Stewardship of entrusted material resources through practical and tangible services towards the betterment of the believer community in the light of the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Using God-given landed properties and resources to extend a helping hand to the Christian Assemblies and in the physical as well as spiritual enrichment of needy fellow brethren, thereby displaying faithful stewardship in all areas and thus in effect serving God selflessly and fearlessly standing in the gap and ministering to the Christian Brethren community.

A pertinent need with respect to the Indian Assemblies, at present, is with regard to their Assembly Halls. In many parts of India, our believers and workers face serious threats while gathering in their homes and also on rental premises . Many a time these forces insist that these poor brethren produce a Registration Certificate of the Church / Assembly. It is in this back ground that at least a make-shift Hall for the Assembly has become a sheer necessity. On the basis of a conservative estimate, we see the immediate necessity of about 400 new Assembly Halls in different parts of North, East, Central, North East and Western parts of India. Hence after much deliberation, we are presenting this acute need before our dear brethren inviting their immediate participation and prayers.

As you are aware, many of our Assembly Workers / Evangelists / New believers who are coming to the faith are hailing from the remote areas of the North, Central and Eastern parts of India and are struggling to make two ends meet. When we went into the depth of the varied problems faced by some of these Brethren and their families in these areas, we were startled to realize that we do not possess even a basic information about a large number of these Believers / Evangelists / Gatherings which are in existence in the isolated and backward areas of the country. And in the present political environment prevailing in the country and in the backdrop of the social boycott and similar unprecedented problems faced by them, we feel we have to stand firm with these hapless brethren and provide them a little solace in their life at the time of their great need.

This area of grave concern can be addressed to some extend if we can provide some financial assistance for these Believers who are pertaining to ‘Below Poverty line’ strata of society. We have to admit that SAI could not do much in this matter due to the scarce inflow of designated funds in this category from the Western sources. However, as can be seen in our new found Vision and Mission statements, we are determined to address at least the following crucial needs pertaining to our less privileged fellow Brethren. Hence, we believe that we should offer a helping hand to these Brethren:

1. At the time of sickness of self and the family members of our Evangelists and poor Brethren.

2. In the educational needs of the bright children of our financially challenged Brothers and Sisters.

3. On the occasion of the marriage of their daughters.

4. For daily sustenance and other pertinent needs.

5. Who are Widows, Destitutes and Orphans of our Assemblies and Institutions.

6. In the event of an accident / unforeseen happenings in their life.

To meet these large requirement, we are motivated to tap the resources of our Indian Brethren placed in India and abroad whom the Lord has entrusted with a large chunk of His material resources. If all our ‘have’ Assemblies / Believers nationally as well as internationally are encouraged to earmark and commit a portion of their God given financial resources for the benefit of the above said ‘have nots’, then the purpose of God in financially blessing the former, will definitely be accomplished. We should always be reminded of the fact that these ‘have nots’ are leading a hand to mouth existence and that the Lord has blessed us materially in order that we share these material blessings with the ones who lack it.

We thus appeal to all our Assemblies / Believers in India and Abroad, who share our concern with regard to these Evangelists / Poor Brethren, to get involved in this God-ordained goal. We as well, exhort our young professional Believers working in the Corporate Companies and other Sectors in India to generously contribute towards this noble cause, as we believe that it will be a great investment in the Kingdom of God.

In this connection, we would like to inform you that we have decided to launch a New Independent Indian Trust constituting of New Trustees in the style and name ‘Stewards Care’ exclusively for catering to the necessities of the ‘Poor and Needy’ and this new Trust will shortly be receiving the 80 G Exemption of the Income Tax Rules so that our Brethren working in India can as well avail of full Tax exemption for the amount thus contributed towards this charity.

In conclusion, all I would like to emphasize comes from Luke 6:38 wherein our blessed Lord himself commands “ Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that that you use, it shall be measured back to you.”

May the Lord give adequate wisdom and guidance to all of us to perform what is right and to make wise use of the resources He has entrusted with us for the glory of His name and for extension of His Kingdom and counsel us to be faithful stewards of His material blessings as this would indeed be well pleasing in the sight of our Master.

Adv. Raju M. Koshy M.Sc. L.L.M.,
General Secretary,
4, John Armstrong Road,
Richards Town, Bangalore 560005.





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