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An open invitation to share your resources to the " Have nots " - PRACTICAL ASSISTANCE
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Yet another area of grave concern lies in the domain of practical assistance for the large number of our Believers who are struggling to survive on less than Rs.5,000 per family per month. (BPL) We have to admit that we could not do much in this matter due to the scarce inflow of earmarked funds from both India and abroad. However, as can be seen in our new found Vision and Mission statements, we are determined to address at least the following crucial needs pertaining to our less privileged fellow Brethren. Hence, we believe that we should offer a helping hand to these Brethren:

1 At the time of sickness. (The Evangelist has to be concerned for his family and the very poor members of the assembly.)
2 In providing educational opportunities for the bright children of our financially challenged believers.
3 On the occasion of the marriage of their daughters.
4 For daily sustenance and other pertinent needs.
5 Providing for Orphans, Widows and Destitute in our Assemblies and Institutions.
6 In the event of an accident or unforeseen happenings in their lives.

To meet these large requirements, we feel led to tap the resources of our resident and overseas Indian Brethren whom the Lord has entrusted with His generous material resources. If all our ‘have’ Assemblies and Believers nationally, as well as internationally, are encouraged to earmark and commit a portion of their God given financial resources for the benefit of the above said ‘have nots’, then the purpose of God in the financial blessings of the former will definitely be accomplished. We should always be reminded of the fact that these ‘have nots’ are leading a “hand to mouth” existence and that the Lord has blessed us materially in order that we share these material blessings with the ones who lack it.

We thus appeal to all our Assemblies and Brethren in India and abroad, who share our concern with regard to these needy Evangelists and brethren, to get involved in this God-ordained ministry. We also exhort our young professional Believers working in the Corporate Companies and other Sectors in India to generously contribute towards this noble cause, as we believe that it will be a great investment in the Kingdom of God.

To encourage and facilitate your participation we (SAI) have resolved to launch a new Indian Trust in the name and style ‘Stewards Care’ exclusively for catering to the necessities of the ‘Poor and Needy’ and this new Trust (Under the auspices of SAI) will shortly be receiving the 80-G Exemption of the Income Tax Rules so that our believer Professionals can avail Tax exemption for the amount thus contributed towards this ministry. We assure all our brothers and sisters that each and every small or large contribution will be accounted professionally and the funds will reach the target recipients as desired by the Donors and we further reassure you that you will be notified about the receipt and utilisation of your donation through our web site. If you would like to involve in this ministry, please visit our web site www.stewards-india.com wherein you will find our Bank Account details meant for Indian and International Donors, separately. Should you like to communicate with us, our mail id is stewards.assn@gmail.com


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